2014 12th Man Plan Contractor Program

Our popular 12th Man Plan is back and better than ever for the new year. We’ve added new elements and increased the value of existing ones. In fact, our highest tier includes more than $30,000 of program value.

What is the 12th Man Plan?

V5_163x157_2You may have heard that the 12th Man won the Super Bowl this year. The Seattle Seahawks have used the 12th Man moniker since their start in 1976. There are 11 players on the field during the game of football, but there is also a 12th player who can make a difference for the team. For the Seahawks and many other football teams, their 12th man is the fans.

In fact, in a 2005 game with a dramatic overtime win, the Seahawks defeated the New York Giants who were called for 11 false start penalties and 3 missed field goals — courtesy of the 12th Man’s vocal support.

And that’s what our 12th Man Plan is – we’re the ones suited up and ready to help you win the touchdowns in your business. We’re in the stands, supporting, cheering and giving you the homefield advantage.

Who needs a 12th man?

Well according to our research, most contractors could sure use one. We did a survey last year of our 12th Man Plan contractors, and these key points popped up over and over. One, contractors have limited resources for marketing their businesses, and that’s both a lack of staff and a lack of time. Marketing budgets are also limited – or not there at all. Many contractors don’t have a formal lead process – the phone is ringing, but no one is sure what’s making it ring. And many contractors don’t have the online presence they would like. In fact, 82% of our contractors said they need help of some sort with their website.

Our 2014 12th Man Plan helps contractors in all facets of their businesses – from technical training to defending their customer base to finding new customers to closing the sale and to running a business more efficiently. Our new plays for 2014 are designed with an emphasis on the Internet and word of mouth.

Here’s what’s new for 2014:

  • 6-page business websites
  • Facebook Easy Button to help manage a Facebook business page
  • GM vehicle rebates on work trucks and vans
  • Magnet “thank you” cards that include contractor information and serial numbers
  • Printed newsletters
  • Newspaper editorial program
  • Co-pay labor warranties
  • Yard signage kit – signs, magnets and door hangers
  • Plus all of the best program elements from 2013