NORDYNE Awards Distributors at Annual Business Meeting

St. Louis, November 13, 2013 — At the annual distributor business meeting in October 2013, NORDYNE awarded several distributors for outstanding sales and program support throughout the year.

Aireco Supply of Laurel, Md. was named the 2013 Frigidaire Distributor of the Year. “A year and a half ago, Aireco Supply started aggressively looking for ways to revitalize their Frigidaire brand,” explained Philip Windham, vice president of sales at NORDYNE. “These efforts paid off in 2013 with a strong, engaged contractor base.” 

Gemaire Distributors of Deerfield Beach, Fla. was named the 2013 Maytag® Distributor of the Year. “Gemaire Distributors worked closely with us to build even greater loyalty through their Maytag® contractor base,” explained Windham. “They put full effort into the brand, including a renewed focus on dealer recruitment. That strategy paid off in 2013.”

Locke Supply of Oklahoma City, Oka. was named the 2013 Westinghouse Distributor of the Year. “While still relatively new to the NORDYNE family, Locke Supply has taken positive growth steps across their entire footprint,” said Windham. “We expect great things from them in 2014 and beyond.”

NB Handy of Lynchburg, Va., was awarded the 2013 Sales Improvement Award. “NB Handy has gone to exceptional lengths to reinvigorate and reinvest in their NORDYNE business,” stated Windham. “The turnaround has been significant.”

Noland Company of Tampa, Fla. was named the 2013 NuTone Sales Region of the Year. “This location continues to grow sales year after year,” said Windham. “The Noland Tampa region also gives us outstanding feedback on products and programs.”

Partners Supply of Chattanooga, Tenn. was named the 2013 “12th Man Plan” Distributor of the Year. The 12th Man Plan is the NORDYNE contractor program that includes marketing, sales, business and technical support. “We measure the success of the 12th Man Plan through contractor participation,” explained Windham. “Partners Supply was a stand-out with their number of enrolled contractors and, more important, their number of participating, engaged contractors.”

Tommark, Inc. of Jackson, Mich. was awarded the 2013 “Rookie of the Year” Sales Performance Award. “Tommark joined the NORDYNE family in early 2013, and ramped up to speed amazingly fast,” stated Windham. “They have been exceeding our expectations ever since.”

Tri-State Distributors of Royston, Ga. was named the 2013 Tappan Distributor of the Year. “Tri-State Distributors outpaced industry growth thanks to a lot of hard work,” explained Windham. “They did an excellent job promoting the Tappan brand to their contractor base and increasing sales.”

NORDYNE congratulates all of these distributors on this recognition and thanks them for a tremendous business partnership.