business segments

One Partner. six Segments.

With NGH, you can depend on one partner who will ensure you find success across each of the industry segments we serve. We provide priority customer care, dedicated resources for your team, and a portfolio of brands you trust. It’s a proven combination for success.


Our residential segment provides innovative solutions designed to maximize year-round comfort. Contractors love our equipment because of our dedication to quality and safety. Homeowners love our equipment because of its efficiency, quiet operation, and dependable performance – all backed by an unmatched warranty. Our premium portfolio of brands ensures that every contractor walks into the job with a name their customer already knows and trusts.

manufactured housing

Our manufactured housing equipment has been leading the industry in innovation since our company was founded in 1919. For over 100 years, our leading brands have established themselves as the premium standard of quality and performance with products specifically engineered for the manufactured housing HVAC market. That’s why home manufacturers, homeowners, distributors, and contractors trust the Miller and Intertherm brands above all others.

National Accounts

We established our national accounts segment to support the priority customers who have shown unrivaled dedication to NGH products. Our dedicated team of sales and support staff is committed to boosting your business and driving your success.

Light Commercial

Our light commercial segment offers the best specialty heating products and the highest amount of support in the industry. Its flagship brand, Reznor, is synonymous with performance, quality, and support. Our leading unit heater line has long outshone the competition and serves as the gold standard for quality and performance. Where other manufacturers follow, we lead and innovate.

Supplemental parts

Our dedicated parts team provides end-to-end support for contractors and distributors in both the residential and commercial markets. Our expertise in collaboration with strong distribution partners means that contractors everywhere can turn to NGH. Each of our parts and products is innovatively and thoughtfully designed to deliver high value for both the residential and light commercial HVAC markets.


We support our European market’s needs with a wide range of industrial and commercial HVAC products. From gas-fired air heaters to rooftop units and everything in between, Nortek Global HVAC is at the forefront of HVAC technology. We anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations and offer high value.


Why We’re Different