All-Aluminum Indoor Coils (Yes, You Read That Right).

In 2010, NORDYNE launched all-aluminum Micro-Channel condenser coils in 13-SEER air conditioners. In this application, aluminum has distinct advantages over traditional copper tube-in-fin coils. It’s lighter, offers greater corrosion resistance and uses less refrigerant.

Now we’re bringing Micro-Channel technology to indoor evaporator coils. Our new line of C7 coils will utilize this all-aluminum technology for increased resistance against formicary corrosion.


A short history of formicary corrosion.
Thanks to tighter home construction, the heating and cooling industry has been plagued with coil leaks caused by formicary corrosion. By definition, formicary corrosion occurs in copper-based alloys and is comprised of small, wandering pits that are not observable to the unaided eye. The tunneling effect that occurs to the copper material is similar to tunnels formed in an ant’s nest. “Formicary” literally means “ant’s nest.”

There are four elements that cause formicary corrosion: copper, moisture, oxygen and acid. If one factor is removed, then the corrosion can be prevented.

Our new all-aluminum indoor coils remove the copper element, thereby significantly reducing formicary corrosion – as well as call-backs and warranty work for our contractors.

To learn more about the engineering behind these new coils, view our video.