As Seen on TV: Our Latest Broadcasts

Ah, the life of a NORDYNE employee. We replaced our entry mats with red carpets and have to dodge paparazzi as we walk from the parking lot to the front door. No, not really. But we do sometimes feel like superstars with our recent television and YouTube broadcasts. 

Designing Spaces NORDYNE and the iQ Drive system were recently featured on “Designing Spaces.” This special Think Green episode focused on ways to make homes more energy efficient. And since there’s no bigger energy hog than an air conditioner, the 24.5 SEER iQ Drive is a natural solution. If you missed the show, don’t fret. You can watch it right here.

YouTube In March we also released two videos on YouTube that were slightly off topic for us. Rather than our traditional technical and sales videos, we went the comedy route and released two short videos with things an HVAC contractor would never say. If you missed them on Facebook and Twitter, you can view them here. Enjoy. (And if you want to hear things real contractors DO say, check out our technical videos on NORDYNE U.)

Episode 1: St*ff No HVAC Contractor Says

Episode 2: More St*ff No HVAC Contractor Says