Major Brands Join Up Under Reznor

February 14, 2018 – From February 2018, HVAC brands, Ambirad, Airbloc, Benson, and Reznor will be brought together under a single brand: Reznor.

Each of these brands form part of Nortek Global HVAC UK Ltd, and by combining their respective offerings, the business simplifies the customer experience by providing a single point of contact for all HVAC solutions.

The HVAC brand transition coincides with a number of new product developments, and a portfolio that is now fully compliant with the Energy related Products (ErP) regulations.

Simon Parker, President and General Manager of Nortek Global HVAC UK Ltd’s Light Commercial Division heads up the Reznor brand in the UK and beyond. He comments: “We want to better serve our customers. By offering a diverse but cohesive portfolio, we can offer clarity for our customers by taking out complexity and portfolio duplications. We are focused on becoming a solution provider, rather than just a product supplier. By unifying under the Reznor brand, we can commit to meeting our customers’ expectations, delivering a superior customer experience, and building upon Reznor to become the preferred HVAC brand.”

“The move to Reznor has been addressed with great care so that we do not create disruption,” explains Parker. “Existing warranties and maintenance contracts in the other brand names will be honoured. Our customers will be notified about our strategic intent and how that will affect them. We believe it’s a positive move for all concerned.”

With one dominant brand under Reznor, the company is looking to create economies of scale and to invest further in R&D to keep new products coming to market, as well as improving on customer service. Andrew Field will be Reznor’s dedicated National Sales Manager for the UK. He will lead a team of area sales and business development managers.

Parker adds that specifying and buying Reznor products will be made easier with an updated online presence: “Moving from a multiple brand setting to a single leading brand for UK will be reflected into our online presence. We want to make it easier to do business with us, so we opted for a ‘pre-sales’ portal and a complementary ‘post-sales’ portal to fully serve our site visitors. Both portals will reflect our renewed proposition, be fully up-to-date on our 2018 ErP compliant product offering, and be easily accessible via mobile technology.”