NGH Releases the Frigidaire HVAC Total Package: The Complete Solution for Distributors, Contractors, and Homeowners

Frigidaire HVAC products are the complete solution for distributors, contractors, and homeowners.

St. Louis, Mo., February 20, 2024 – Nortek Global HVAC has announced the Frigidaire HVAC Total Package™ a complete solution for distributors, contractors, and homeowners that brings total comfort, quality, and appeal.

The Total Package brings solutions that offer outstanding in-home comfort to everyone who relies on Frigidaire HVAC products. For contractors, Frigidaire HVAC offers some of the highest quality products in the industry by focusing on service, installation, reliability, and safety.

“Contractors want equipment that is easy to install and service and this is exactly what the Total Package offers,” said Steve Einig, NGH Vice President of Marketing. “With features such as all-aluminum coils which reduce overall weight by 50% and removable jacket panels on split systems, these are designed with contractors in mind.”

The Total Package features two product lines, the Essential and Brilliance Series. Built to seamlessly fit inside and outside the home, and backed by an industry-leading warranty that homeowners trust, each product line offers:

  • Total Comfort – Frigidaire systems keep homes quiet and comfortable with variable speed motors, sound blankets and swept wing fan blades.
  • Total Quality – Frigidaire systems are designed to last a lifetime, are corrosion resistant and include durable, all aluminum coils and pressure switch cutouts.
  • Total Appeal – Frigidaire’s systems are designed to look good with a powder coated steel jacket, reduced footprint and rounded corners for a sleek look.

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