NORDYNE Heat Pump Improved with Micro-Channel Condensing Coils

St. Louis, September 19, 2013 — NORDYNE is always looking for ways to enhance the value of its heating and air conditioning equipment. That is why the experts at NORDYNE converted its 14/15-SEER heat pump to include all-aluminum Micro-Channel outdoor condensing coils. NORDYNE is the first heating and cooling manufacturer to introduce a heat pump with Micro-Channel coils.

“NORDYNE continues to be an industry leader in terms of converting our units to Micro-Channel coils,” says Matt Lattanzi, director of product management. “By using these coils, we are reducing the number of repairs – helping lessen the strain on contractors during peak cooling seasons.”

Micro-Channel coils offer many benefits, including:

  • Smaller Condensing Unit: Units that contain Micro-Channel coils can weigh 6-7 percent less than systems containing traditional coils. The height of some models can also be reduced by up to 4 inches.
  • Less Refrigerant: A unit that has Micro-Channel coils uses up to 42 percent less refrigerant than systems with traditional coils.
  • Durable: The consistent construction of these coils makes them hardier than traditional copper tube-in-fin coils.
  • Better Heat Transfer: Micro-Channel coils can transfer heat better – aiding in reducing the size of the condensing unit and making them more efficient.

NORDYNE also offers a number of air conditioning options that include this durable coil technology – including all units through 16 SEER.

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